Our first chapbook! group chapbook!

Here is some big news!

As a group we are going to be releasing our first ever chapbook.

What’s a chapbook you might ask?

well it’s pretty much a shorter version of a book.

Except this one, well this one will be a group book.

So what do we need from you?

First of all we need good solid poetry, short stories, prose, songs etc.
Anything that you think will fit.

We will not have a theme or anything for these Chapbooks,
simply that the group gets to participate.

However, we do want quality, so try to find your best
& remember if you are not in the first one, we plan on releasing these group chapbooks
bi-annually so save it up for the next one!

What we would like you to do is either email us at spokenwordsarnia@gmail.com
or bring in your work to the next spoken word night (remember lads and lady’s: it’s the second friday of every month.)

Make sure you include your full name, how you would like the poem to be displayed ( if it’s going to be a tricky one with all sorts of formatting issues, please send in a word document as it will be easier.)

If you are interested in helping to put it together, want to make a donation to get it started
or want to sell it to your friends or online, please contact us.

The chapbook, for now, will not be free, simply so we can create some revenue for the group.

The more revenue, after the sales of these books, the more posters we can make for advertising,
for producing longer, full length books and to get readers to come and speak in the future.

So bring us your words!
Let’s make a chapbook!


About spokenwordsarnia

AMP spoken word/poetry/performance/music group out of sarnia, ontario canada current host: jerard Hutchinson past host: melissa upfold admin/photographer: www.calculatedcolour.com
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