spoken word 3.0 (documentation)

The night was full of readers & performers. 16 people slowly filled up this list. after a late start, we began the night. here are some photos of the event.

wendy washington

jerard hutchinson

jerard hutchinson

cora lajoie

cora lajoie



Lois Nantais

lois nantais

james provencher

you could be mine. what james' read off of.


Heather Carr Gillatly

b. burroughs

Don Gillatly

Don Gillatly

colin graf

dane was there in paper and spirit.

So last night was awesome. We are trying to figure out what we’re going to be doing for april, so if you’re not on our mailing list, please send your email to spokenwordsarnia@gmail.com.

We are currently accepting poetry for our very first group chapbook. here’s the info:

so please have those submissions in by may 14.

On may 14th we are also excited to announce that Lois Nantais, a very talented local reader will be the featured reader for the evening, giving a 30 minute performance before the spoken word begins. Due to how late we ran last time, we ask that everyone tries to arrive at 7:30 and be settled and all the housekeeping be done so we can start the reading right at 8! so everyone get’s a chance.

Also, variations zine, sarnia lambton’s poetry/art zine is going online and is coming back. So if you’d like to submit to that we would love you if you did. you can email submissions to calculatedcolour@gmail.com

on the theme of rebirth/renewal, we are accepting submissions of poetry/prose/short story/essays/reviews of events or chapbooks/chapbooks for review. in terms of art we are accepting up to 10 pieces in low resolution of photography/collage/painting anything (as long as it’s your own image) and once you are accepted we will ask you to send the photo in a higher 300dpi resolution, so have both available. if you have any problems with this, please email us.

We are also looking for anyone who would be interested in being on the committee for our chapbook release. We need people to help make food, hand out invitations, etc. We are also accepting donations to curb the printing costs of the chapbook.

Also, here are some links that you might find of interest.

b. burrroughs  video page (including video from her performance piece and singing at a night of spoken word 2.0)

james provencher (check out some of his music here.)

jerard and the chronic back pain (check out some wonderful music and look for a new e.p out soon!)

cora lajoie’s website for information about her music.

variations zine ( sarnia lambton’s art and poetry zine for 4 years. look for a new website soon.)

interested in the photographs?  check out more at calculatedcolour.com

Also, Don Gillatly has a new chapbook out. Please send him an email at dgillatly755@gmail.com and pick one up!

That’s it for now, if i’ve forgotten anything, email us at spokenwordsarnia@gmail.com

if you’re interested in performing, please contact us!

thanks again everyone


About spokenwordsarnia

AMP spoken word/poetry/performance/music group out of sarnia, ontario canada current host: jerard Hutchinson past host: melissa upfold admin/photographer: www.calculatedcolour.com
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One Response to spoken word 3.0 (documentation)

  1. Happy Squirrel says:

    great pics! i keep seeming to miss these things, one of these days make sure to make it.

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