spoken word is now AMP [spoken word 4.0 at the urban nature centre.]

So it is true. Our group has now adopted a more fitting name for what we do: AMP: or art.music.poetry.   We would like to thank one of our fellow poets, James, for the idea. Now everyone and every form can be acknowledged in our title.

We had our fourth show on the 16th of april at the urban nature centre. With our featured reader, andreas gripp giving an amazing performance an open mic to follow with cupcakes in between, it was a great night.

here are some photos from the evening and more reasons why you should come out to our open mic on may 14th!

If you are a member, don’t forget to email your submission to our first group chapbook: urban (w)rites at spokenwordsarnia@gmail.com.

andreas gripp reads.

gripp reading from his book "the fall"

John Drage recites



outspoken about celery.

doug and andrew have a chat.

peggy fletcher

jerard hutchinson reads.

george stoesser

debbie okun hill

So keep checking back here for updates & thanks to everyone who came out and everyone who will!


About spokenwordsarnia

AMP spoken word/poetry/performance/music group out of sarnia, ontario canada current host: jerard Hutchinson past host: melissa upfold admin/photographer: www.calculatedcolour.com
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