April is National Poetry Month. So let’s get ready to party.

Here are a few links to some interesting things about poetry. If you have anything you would like to be included on this blog, please email us at spokenwordsarnia@gmail.com

Check out this essay by I.B. (Bunny) Iskov,  the founder of The Ontario Poetry Society about why Poetry is important.

Then head on over to find out what National Poetry Month is all about and make sure to pick up some of your favorite books and some new ones.

For information go to The League of Canadian Poets for events that are happening in April as well as the history behind National Poetry Month:

And if you just want to brush up on the different styles and the origin of Poetry itself, go to this website:

Make every day, a National Poetry Month sort of day; take some time to read and write for the next month, but more importantly, everyday.

Here’s a couple silly comics (with a bit of a satirical edge)

Matt Groening's: How to be a Sensitive Poet



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AMP spoken word/poetry/performance/music group out of sarnia, ontario canada current host: jerard Hutchinson past host: melissa upfold admin/photographer: www.calculatedcolour.com
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