AMP MAY (was a stunning success regardless of the darn rain.)

Last night we had AMP MAY 2011 at the Urban Nature Center. There was a variety of readers and performances including video poetry, music and even recitation of poetry!

It was a wonderful evening with a lot of great readers and listeners coming out to support.

We, as writers, all mused on the idea of what does it take to get others to come out? What about all those closet writers who are too scared to read or feel too intimidated. Well I came up with a solution to this without even telling my fellow readers, so hopefully it will come as a lovely surprise. I actually filmed several of the readers reading a poem of theirs or performing so that you can see that there is nothing to fuss about. We are not scary people! We love literature, we are cool cats, we are writers and artists coming together and having a little fun every 3rd wednesday.

our host with the most, jerard hutchinson.

jerard hutchinson at AMP MAY
John Drage at AMP MAY pt. 1
John Drage at AMP MAY pt. 2
Lois Nantais at AMP MAY
Michael Stoesser pt. 1 at AMP MAY
Michael Stoesser pt AMP MAY
Ryan Gibbs at AMP MAY
Norma Linder at AMP MAY
Peggy Fletcher at AMP MAY
Chris Long at AMP May
George Stoesser at AMP MAY
Debbie Okun Hill at AMP MAY

Don’t forget to come out to the next AMP on JUNE 15. Poster and theme will be up soon!

copyright. all photos/videos melissa upfold/calculated colour co. 2011


About spokenwordsarnia

AMP spoken word/poetry/performance/music group out of sarnia, ontario canada current host: jerard Hutchinson past host: melissa upfold admin/photographer:
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